A little healing' is our brand new range of gemstone healing bracelets and this one has been created for positive energy.

Gemstones are widely used in spiritual healing and each have certain properties which focus on specific areas. This bracelet is made from carnelian, red jasper, citrine, goldstone, mookaite and sunstone.

Each bracelet is handmade and every stone is selected intuitively with love and care. We have selected the gemstones that we are drawn to to help with each condition. The bracelet is made up of the following gemstones and their meanings, along with our sterling silver branded 'moon' tag to set the stones off beautifully.

Carnelian helps with energy, strength and growth
Red Jasper brings empowerment, strength and protection
Citrine uplifts and brings positivity, joy and abundance
Goldstone promotes confidence and abundance
Mookaite gives you courage, inner strength and positive energy
Sunstone, just like the sun represents happiness, awakening, vitality and upliftment

Each handmade bracelet comes with a card listing and explaining the stone meanings. We have designed the bracelets, cards and gift boxes and they are exclusive to Chasing Moonbeams. These will make an extremely thoughtful, wonderful gift as they are presented beautifully. Alternatively they are a wonderful gift to yourself because you deserve it!

We would advise you to wear this bracelet on your left wrist and reassure you that all the stones have been cleansed and are charged ready for you. Our advise would be to use daily positive affirmations for maximum healing benefit. For positive energy here are a few suggestions:
Take a few long slow deep breaths, wearing or holding the bracelet and close your eyes.
Then say I radiate positive energy. I am happy, empowered, confident just like the sun. Others become empowered and uplifted by being around me. I feel the positive energy flowing through me, I am happy to be alive

Please feel free to add your own affirmations! This is the beginning of a wonderful journey, the first step.

Please be aware that this is for spiritual healing purposes only and not in any way a medicinal remedy.

Gemstone healing bracelet for positive energy, beaded healing bracelet